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The pros & cons of placing a cell tower on your land

Each day that passes, cell tower & cell phone companies contact landowners about fixing cell towers on their immovable properties. RF requires making the capacity limitations in the area better so they need to add a cell tower on some suitable land that might be yours, too. Hence, there are some particular conditions that your land or immovable property needs to meet.

In order to get an above-board deal, it is advisable to hire a cell tower lease expert so you can make an informed decision and get the best rent for your land. In fact, it is not possible to motivate a cell phone company to construct a tower on your land subject to the condition that they think the land is all right to suit their tower needs. In addition, there are lawyers with a wide range of experience in making cell tower buyout agreement.

The most important thing to you is that you are not supposed to make haste in saying ‘yes’ to cell tower buyout agreement at first glance despite the fact that you think the lease amount sounds great. RF looks at the requirement of building extra sites to cover the areas that have absorbed more nearby populations. (more…)

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