It’s only a killer corporate video that can-do wonders for your company and get you, potential clients. Yet, even the best video production companies can make a few fatal errors that can completely ruin your video.

Too long video

According to experts, the attention span of humans is about eight seconds. This implies that your video needs to make an impact within that time and continue such that it keeps on generating the interest level of the audience. The video needs to be short and compact enough to intrigue the interest of the audience and not make them lose it.

Too much information

Usually, long videos showcase the problem of too much information but sometimes this problem is often seen in small length videos as well. The information supplied in the video should be neither too less nor too more. It should be enough to tantalize and pique the interest level of the customer such that they get eager to seek out more information. Each video should have something via which the interested customer can reach out to your company for details.

Lack of a well-formatted script

Regardless of the length of the video; a script is a mandatory requirement. Often the script travels back and forth between the client and the video production company and the powerful impact of the script gets severely impacted.

Ideally, the script should explain the product well and its benefit to the target audience. The entire script should have a natural story element and an avenue to pave way for further communication between the company and potential customers.

There are many other potential mistakes but following these tips, a majority of mistakes can be avoided.