1300 numbers Sydney are the best business tool in Australia. They are not only free calls from landlines for your potential customers, but they give a great flexibility to develop your business. To make your number work for your business it should say out a word that is linked with your business such as the brand name of your products. These are known as phone words. Let us see the major advantages of 1300 numbers and why you should have one for your business.

Some of the important advantages of 1300 numbers over landlines of traditional types are that they are more mobile and can move with your business easily. They can easily manage call routing, so they are good for mobile businesses.

Choosing the right 1300 number

There are several ways to choose from 1300 numbers. You could just take any number provided by the provider or carrier, or you could use the method used in the early 90s and get a number with same digits which is easy to remember. This is good most of the times but sometimes it is not easy to remember for some people.

The next way of getting 1300 number is getting the number which says the name of your brand on an alphanumeric keypad like 1300 SYDNEY. For example, 1300 GUTTER was a remarkable success with their phone word because when customers think about cleaning their gutters they immediately remember the phone number. So, it is that easy.

Getting such a number is beneficial for your business as people will remember it easily when they think about your products or when they need the products offered by your business.