Magnets are available in a number of shapes and sizes for different applications as needed for various industries.

Let us discuss magnets of a few different shapes that are commonly available.

Bar magnets

This is the most common variety of magnet that is needed by various custom industrial manufacturing companies. In these magnets power is focused on each pole and rest of the places has very weak magnetic strength. It is also used in schools and colleges to study magnetism too.

Cylinder magnets

In certain medicines, this type of magnet to is used. Doctors often try to treat different kinds of ailments by using such magnets.

Disc magnets

This type of magnet is quite strong and effective and have plenty of applications in fashion, clothing and home décor purposes.

Horseshoe magnets

This is bar magnet which is bent in U-shape. In many occasions, they are used as a replacement for bar magnets.

Ring magnets

Plenty of scientific experiments are conducted by using this type of magnets. Also, you will find their application in various medical uses like the treatment of certain cardiovascular problems, correction of heartbeat etc. They are available in different sizes.

Sphere magnets

These magnets have plenty of application in different toy making industries. In certain jewelry products too, this type of magnet is used.

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