There are a lot of speculations that there are aliens living among us. There is a conspiracy theory that whether these aliens are living their life or plotting anything in orders to dominate the world.

There are several ways to identify it; a few signs mentioned below will help you know better.

There are various signs such as a small tick in their body or something that doesn’t look right on their body. Do not wait for some extra-terrestrial activity to come and tell you; you have to be on the search.

You need to figure out fast that whether or not a person is an alien before it hurts you or your loved ones. It may also happen that the aliens have some bigger plans and you are a part of it.

If you have a co-worker or neighbor who disappears for days without any notice and when you ask them, they simply make an excuse or ignore your question. This could be a reasonable sign.

If you find a person who is obsessed with the ancient Egyptian culture, specifically Egyptian hieroglyphics, then it could be a sign that you have just met an alien.

All these signs answer your questions regarding how to know that someone you are familiar with may be actually an alien.