For many centuries, the waistcoat firmly holds its positions in the men’s wardrobe. And in the midst of business people, and on the hangouts of fashionable youth, the fashionable details are easily discernible in the clothes of men. And it’s not surprising, because such a man’s knitwear visually makes the figure slim, brings refinement to the look, and gives a sense of freedom and comfort, which makes it possible to feel like a gentleman. You can find the best quality of waistcoats under the brand Waistcoat-Shopbrumano

History and Present of Waistcoat

About three hundred years ago, waistcoats became the subject of a wardrobe, firstly among civil servants and almost immediately won the popularity of the whole of world. In Pakistan, the vests earned an undeniable popularity later.

Today there are not only jackets, cardigans and blousons for men, but also many different styles, colors and textures of vests: among them are found both fur and leather, and flowing silk, and men’s knitwear wholesale from the manufacturer also will cost cheaper.

The choice of a vest depends on the event for which it is intended. For business meetings it is better to choose a model of cashmere and costume fabric without any frills. A satin waistcoat is perfect for a party. If you like experiments with style, you should pay attention to vests from jacquard, denim or knitwear.

When choosing a vest, consider the size. He should fit a figure, at the waist to sit tightly, and in the chest more freely. Also you need to pay special attention to length. The waistcoat should cover the trouser belt, and its front corners should be located at the level of the femur. From under it should not be seen strap and shirt.

The waistcoat is perfectly combined with a strict business suit, and with a T-shirt or shirt. Its advantage is that it is not as expensive and cumbersome as a suit. When changing the waistcoats, a man has the opportunity to diversify his wardrobe and emphasize his individual style.

The tailoring can be shortened, elongated, fitted, free, tight-fitting, to choose from! The sides can be straight, sharp or rounded, the armhole is low or high, the cutout is round, Y-shaped or round low. A new piece of the waistcoat, already tried by models, is the collar “under the throat”, double and in the form of a shawl.

The waistcoat, clearly sitting on the figure, perfectly complements the image of any man, will create a mood, and also heats! A loving woman, moreover, and perfectly versed in the fashion needlewoman, will certainly help his chosen one to choose the right model. What can we say about knitted vests – they will occupy a special position in the wardrobe of an expensive man!